Sunday, 12 January 2014

Sunday Stash - Rapture

Before I get started, I just wanted to thank everyone for your responses on my "Small Town Girl" quilt. All the positive feedback really put me on Cloud 9 all week:) After that, it seemed like good things kept happening; I got a job position promotion (of sorts) and in the mail I got some new fabric!

While the rest of the world goes on a fabric fast, I buy it like I'm storing up for the apocalypse. I think what should happen is all the fabric manufacturers take a break from printing fabric instead. That way we wouldn't be tempted to even do any shopping!


This is Pat Bravo's new "Rapture" collection. Isn't this fabric amazing?! Have you seen the Rapture Look Book? You have to check it out...everything is phenomenal!! The tiny flower prints are my absolute favorite--it's adds a country flair that makes me want to run barefoot through a field of flowers in Texas in the summertime...


Realistically though, running barefoot through a field of flowers in Texas in summertime would not be as glamorous as it is in my head. Too many things would be jiggly, and sweaty, and Texas is covered in stickers. So I guess I'll just stick to making a quilt with it for my bed. Much more practical and pretty:)


When I was taking pictures of the fabric, I looked over at my yarn shelf and noticed all these colors together that complimented the fabric beautifully, so I thought I'd share the pic with you. Maybe I could make a matching afghan one day. I have only finished one crochet project in my life, but I keep collecting yarn hoping that one day I'll have more time:)


But I'm sure that I'll never have time for crochet. Not with all the beautiful fabric prints that keep showing up. I'm drowning in UFOs, WIPs, and have fabric bundles lying around every horizontal surface available.  I decided to get organized before my kids went missing underneath the piles of fabric, so I bought some file boxes from IKEA and started getting it all sorted.

And this is where I am today--not running through a field of flowers, not working on a fun project, just trying to finish the overwhelming and boring task of organizing my life.


Hope you're having more fun than me today!! Linking up at Molli Sparkles for Sunday Stash:)

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  1. Oh I agree and say that all the time, I wish they would quit printing til I get the ones I already want!! I have Rapture on my list, it looks so lovely. I'm pretty much hooked on anything Art Gallery :)

  2. Rapture does have some lovely spring time colours in it! And it is Art Gallery so it feels like butta! Thanks for linking up and showing off some organisational tips too!

  3. You found some fabulous fabrics to play with, I'd love to get my hands on some Rapture as well. I have a little yarn collection as well. Organization is a good way to start the year. Thanks for more tutorials on the Summer Cottage quilt, I can't wait!!

  4. Such pretty fabrics and what an appropriate name 'Rapture'! Love your yarn collection and those colours would make a darling throw. You are off to a good start with your organization - keep it up and before you know it you'll know where everything is unless you are like me and get distracted very easily!! :)

  5. Have you made anything with this yet? I don't want to miss anything LOL :)


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