About Me

Wecome! I'm Cristina Tepsick. I am a mom to three kids, an active duty member of the United States Air Force, and I currently am stationed in England. I was raised in Texas, and still drink sweet tea like it's water and I firmly believe there are only three necessary food groups: tex-mex, BBQ, and chicken-fried steak. I love traveling, but I miss my home like crazy and hopefully one day I'll be able to move back and do what I love all day--quilt.

I am absolutely crazy about quilting but I also love cooking, baking, decorating, reading, and crochet. I usually have a million works-in-progress and have a tendency to start five new things before I finish one, but I like blogging because it keeps me semi-focused on what I need to get done...well sometimes.

I learned how to sew from my grandmother when I was 16. I needed some extra money and she offered to teach me how to make primitive stuffed bunny rabbits to sell to friends and family. I did make a little money but wasn't very enthusiastic about the bunny rabbits and I didn't sew again until a few years ago when I my husband bought me a sewing machine for Mother's Day. Even though I didn't sew for all those years, I was buying fabric and patterns so that I could eventually make something pretty.

After my kids go to bed at night I'm obsessively dedicated to quilting. If I'm not sewing, then I'm usually looking at quilt patterns, reading blogs, doing online fabric window shopping, or daydreaming about quilting. I love everything about the quilt-making process (except basting, but that doesn't count). It's wonderful being able to make something that can make a room prettier, wrap up a newborn baby, or give comfort to someone who needs it. I love the connection quilting gives me to the past--knowing that I'm doing something that women have been doing for generations before me. However, today there is a such a wonderful community of quilters all over the world, and I feel blessed that I live in a time when I can reach out and meet so many people, and learn so many things from individuals who love quilting as much as I do.