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Thursday 31 December 2020

Laureate Quilt Illuminated Alphabet - Free Patterns

Hello everyone, I have something cute to share with you today. I've been working (day and night!) on designing this alphabet for you to use with your Laureate Quilt and all the letters are free!!  I've been trying to knock out as many as possible, and will continue to add to this page until they are all complete. When I originally thought about designing these letters I talked myself out of it because it was overwhelming to design an entire alphabet. But when you start to really think about it, a lot of the letters have the same shapes, so I started to work my way through them by starting with similar looking letters.

The pic above shows the block in Christmas colors, but my plan is to show you soon another in beautiful spring colors. 

Included is the supplemental instructions you will need to put them in your wreath block if you choose. Each of the blocks is 8 1/2" and they look so cute inside the wreath with the continuation of the leafy theme. If you would rather make a plain letter instead of making the leaves, you can just subsitute the "stem" with a 2 1/4" x 8 1/2" rectangle. 

I'm calling these letters "Illuminated" because they remind me of the old, beautiful drop cap or initials used in books and illuminated manuscripts

Keep checking back here or on instagram @prettylittlequilts to see what new letters I add if you're looking for a specific one. You can always send me a message at, or leave a reply below, to let me know if there's one in particular you want to use, and I'll make it a priority.

To download the pattern, click on the link below:

Illuminated Letter - A

Illuminated Letter - B

Illuminated Letter - C

Illuminated Letter - D

Illuminated Letter - E

Illuminated Letter - F

Illuminated Letter - G

Illuminated Letter - H

Illuminated Letter - I

Illuminated Letter - J

Illuminated Letter - K

Illuminated Letter - L

Illuminated Letter - M

Illuminated Letter - N

Illuminated Letter - O

Illuminated Letter - P

Illuminated Letter - Q

Illuminated Letter - R

Illuminated Letter - S

Illuminated Letter - T

Illuminated Letter - U

Illuminated Letter - V

Illuminated Letter - W

Illuminated Letter - X

Illuminated Letter - Y

Illuminated Letter - Z

Although I do my very best to insure there are no typos or mistakes, sometimes mistakes happen. Please let me know if you find one. Thank you!! 

To purchase a copy of the Laureate Quilt Pattern click here. 


  1. Thank you for compiling these blocks! They are so beautiful, and I imagine, a whole lot of work to write patterns for. Happy New Year to you!

    1. Thank you Kathy! They were a lot of work, but they are fun too so I didn't mind too much;) Happy New Year!!

  2. I love this so much! The letters are the perfect addition to this pattern (which I just bought and can't wait to make!) I will be eagerly watching for the rest of the letters so I can do them for friends and family, too!

  3. Thank you Hannah for your patience and enthusiasm!! If you need a specific letter I haven't made yet, let me know. I'm creating 1 a day--so only 13 left:)


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