Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Hillside Houses Blocks 10 and 11

Happy Wednesday everyone,

After today there will only be one block left for the Hillside Houses pattern--can you believe it's almost done already? I think time seems to move faster in the quilting world.

This week we are starting work on the sky and it can get a little confusing using all the different blues, so just keep that in mind.

I have been already planning out my next Hillside Houses quilt color combo. We have been packing up this week (and our first inspection is tomorrow!) and putting all my fabric into one place made me realize how many solids I have, so I think I want to make one with white roofs (suggestion of @katquilts, thanks Kat!) and make another one with prints. I just get so jealous every time I see what you guys are making.

Anyway, to get your PDF downloads of the Blocks 10 and 11 click here.

And I'll see you back here next week for our final block!


  1. The link doesn't take you there. I don't see the patterns for 10 and 11 on your craftsy site either.

  2. Could not find block 10 and 11. Crafty has changed something and it is very hard to find pattern. I did a search and saw blocks 1 - 9, no 10 and 11

  3. Checked again and got a message this pattern is no longer available.

  4. I too had problems at first, but after the second try all came up. Thank you again, for this wonderful pattern!

  5. Success. It works now. Thank you!

  6. Thank you so much Cristina.
    I have not started my houses yet, but I love looking at others and getting inspired like crazy.
    I am looking at lots of options with fabrics,
    Thank you sooo much for sharing your creativity, You are so generous.
    I hope your upcoming "homecoming" goes smoothly

  7. It's there at Craftsy, girls. Just keep looking. It is very confusing over there sometimes. :) :) The little photos rotate on and off and it will come up. Do a search on Pretty Little Quilts after you get on Craftsy. Thanks! This quilt is so awesome. I can't wait to start mine, too.

  8. When I click your link for Blocks 10 and 11 - Block 8 and 9 appear.

  9. Haven´t started to build my houses yet - but I collect the patterns for the summer! I´m longing to get started! Love them!

  10. Love the one with Civil War prints!! May have to do one like it (only with solids for roof)!


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