Sunday, 22 June 2014

Texas Roadtrip QAL--Quad 3 Pattern

It's hard for me to believe that we have already traveled through north-east and north-west Texas and now we are about to start Quad 3--south-west Texas. I'm am really just amazed by all of the city blocks we have made so far. The designers have really created some stunning blocks and I'm just overwhelmed with how much I love them, and how much fun I'm having making them. I also want to thank all of you who are following along and/or participating. One of the reasons I love quilting so much is the wonderful sense of community and support, so really, thank you everyone:)

I finished up my first quadrant, and I added a few trees to represent the Piney Woods area of Texas where I'm from. I always hear from people "Texas doesn't have trees!", and I have to politely remind them that Texas isn't just all tumbleweeds and Cactuses (or is it Cacti?). Texas is a big place, and the area where I'm from is covered with pine forests. So my tribute to the pine forests is--(pause for effect)--7 Trees! And one of those might be a bit oddly spaced:)

In the pic above you see the first 3 blocks: the Longhorn was by Linsey from Fort Worth Fabric Studio to represent Fort Worth. That just has "Texas" written all over it! And then the Ferris Wheel was designed by Ashley at Urban Spools for the Dallas block--and I love how it works so well with the fabric collection I'm using--the whole thing has a very whimsical air, don't you think? And as you might have seen in my previous post, the Rose was made by Colleen for the Tyler block--and I really love that she designed such a cute block for my hometown. They all really make my heart happy.

During the week I hardly have time for sewing, so yesterday I was excited to finally get to sew the blocks for Quad 2:

Aoife from thREDhead designed two awesome block for Amarillo, and so I made them both!

Amarillo Rose Block

I realized when I was almost done with the Amarillo Rose block (above) that I had all my yellows in the wrong places, but it turned out so pretty anyway that it didn't bother me at all.

Amarillo Lighthouse Block
She also designed the Lighthouse block based on the Lighthouse Rock at Palo Duro Canyon. How creative, right? You can read more about that here.

For Lubbock, Jada, @blackvelvetstitches, designed the beautiful block below to bring in some southwest flair!

When I was done with all three blocks, I realized that I really probably used too much blue/aqua, and I don't know how they'll look when the quadrant is all together, but for now, I couldn't be happier.

So, for this week, we will be visiting El Paso with my good friend Jennie of Porch Swing Quilts, and then we'll head over to Midland/Odessa with Donna of Donna's Lavender Nest--who is a supplier for my addiction (of awesome Lecien fabric!).

June 23 - El Paso - Jennie at Porch Swing Quilts
June 26 - Midland/Odessa - Donna at Donna's Lavender Nest

I'm really looking forward to making their stops on the QAL, and seeing what they've cooked up! Again, if you need the pattern for Quad 3 click here.


  1. I love the trees that you added in the background! Maybe you should continue with the theme and add ocean waves in the SE quadrant? Just an idea...

  2. I love your trees too, and think the spacing is perfect. It creates interest, whereas otherwise you might just pass over it without really noticing. And you should be able to balance the aqua in your *fantastic) blocks with the little filler blocks. I love the fabrics your using so much! Definitely looking forward to meeting one of your fabric suppliers!! x

  3. I love those trees! And you are right Texas has lots of trees and wooded areas! I am from The Netherlands and we have been visiting Texas during our summer holidays for the last 5 years, we have fallen in love with the place (even in that heat!). We travelled Texas extensively, last year we travelled through East Texas for a second time, because we loved all those trees and the lakes (and the lovely villages and the wonderful people and the food and.. and..) therfore also I love this sew along, thanks for all those patterns!

  4. I love the colors you are using! I am from Lubbock originally and just moved from DFW area, I have travelled all over
    TX and people do not realize how diverse TX is. It has forests, plains, tumbleweeds and even beaches!

  5. Loving the blocks and the additional trees are awesome.

  6. Love how yours looks with the deep navy background. I am learning lots about Texas too. I'm an Australian. Our sister city is Houston!


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