Sunday, 1 June 2014

Mr. Demanding Gets His Quilt

I finished quilting and binding Mr. Demanding's quilt and gave it to him as an early Father's Day present. Fortunately, he is very happy and has no complaints! Yay!

I used Michael Miller's Cotton Couture solids in different greys and blues to make the granny square blocks, and I used the pattern 'Vintage' from Camille Roskelley's book 'Simply Retro'. The quilt was very easy to piece, however, after all the blocks were completed I had a hard time lining up the points from one block to the next. I'm trying, even now, not to obsess about it.

I backed it in Michael Miller's 'The British are Coming: Mad About Plaid', per my husband's (Mr. Demanding's) request; which, by the way, is no longer available, so I had to order it in from a seller in Thailand and it cost me almost the same for shipping as it did for the fabric!! In classic Mr. Demanding style, he said he wanted that specific plaid, and no other plaid could be substituted. :)

I used the wavy stitch #4 on my Bernina to quilt it. Again, his request, because it has a nice finish AND doesn't make the quilt too stiff.

My husband is going to kill me when he sees this

So everyone's happy:) He's happy he has a manly quilt that covers his feet, I'm happy the pressure's off me now:), and my little Mr. Demanding Jr. is happy, because he thinks the quilt really belongs to him:)


  1. Awesome quilt! Mr. Demanding should be very happy! Now you just need to start yours :)

  2. Great quilt Cristina! Gotta love making those demanding customers happy! ;-) I'm glad you could source the required plaid -- it looks terrific with the front colors/design!

    Jr. sure is a cutie pie.

  3. It turned out great! The wavy quilting is so perfect.

    1. Thanks Jenni!!! I was afraid because the quilting is SO obvious, so I appreciate you saying you liked it:)

  4. Haha!!!! Love the quilt! I totally forgot about that pattern since that is probably the only quilting book I have in kindle format. Great fabric/color choices. I think that wavy quilting is one of my favs because it looks like more work than it is. Jr is quite the cutie, too! ;)

  5. Looks Fab! Very lucky Hubby!

  6. Another great finish Cristina! I loved this the minute you posted it last. Great job and I love the quilting too :)

  7. that's a great quilt, and a sweet picture!!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  8. Well, at least he's decisive? That's a plus isn't it? My husband is very casual and easy going, but with that comes indecision and indifference! I think the quilt is perfect. I love the quilting stitch and style. Blue and white always appeals to me too. You have a very beautiful son! I have a little white haired five year old boy too. Mine looks cheekier and naughtier most of the time!


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