Saturday, 2 November 2013

And he says he doesn't like it...

Today I want to show you this 2nd quilt I got professionally basted, but I'm having some problems getting some decent photos. It's too wet to take the quilt outside, and too overcast for pics inside, but I had to take them anyway because it will be at least another week before I get a chance, so bear with me!!

Last November, after taking a long unintentional break from quilting, the first quilt-top I pieced was this Seaside Stars pattern by Amy from Diary of a Quilter.


I used the same fabric collection that Amy used, Seaside by October Afternoon, but I wanted it to be more boyish--it was meant to be a twin quilt for my (at the time) 3-year-old. I added different borders and corner stones--not a huge difference from hers, but definitely appropriate (I think) for a little man.

seaside_stars_quilt 9

I was so pleased at how it turned out--it is so scrappy looking and has a vintage vibe.


The only word he said when he saw it was "no". Right there, at that very moment, a mother's heart was crushed.


At the time, I had never basted a quilt this large, and I was so overwhelmed with it, that I set it off to the side. My son didn't like it anyway (I was secretly mad about the whole thing) and I kind-of forgot about it. I remembered it a few weeks ago, and dropped it off to Asta to get basted , and when I got it back from her I liked it even more and was so excited to finally finish it.


Assuming a year was enough time for a little boy to change mind, I showed it to my son again.


He glanced at it for a second, looked slightly annoyed and said...

"I don't like it."

But that's okay, because I love it and I'm not above 'indian-giving'.

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