Sunday, 28 July 2013

Quilt for Serena finally finished!


I finally finished it!! It took me a lot longer than I intended but I can finally clear my conscience about this quilt. The story of this quilt goes back to over a year ago when I was stationed in Korea. It was a year-long assignment and unfortunately, I could not take my family so most of my free time was spent quilting. It was terrible being without my kids and husband that long, and generally speaking, I was miserable. I met Serena at work and she is the funniest, craziest, most generous girl in the world. She was always taking care of people and was a very loyal friend. She really helped me to stay sane and avoid going off the deep end. She was also very supportive of my hobby, and was always tasking me to make something for her! We would go fabric shopping and would tease each other the whole time about each other's choices. She made fun of me for my "old-lady flowers" and would stare in shock as she grabbed the wildest prints.


 She purchased the fabric for me to make her a pink and grey quilt and I didn't finish it before I left Korea. I planned on finishing it as soon as I got to the UK, but then an awful thing happened. When my household goods arrived everything had water damage. My favorite things in the world were all destroyed--and that included all my fabric. I had several unfinished projects and one of them was Serena's quilt.


I couldn't find the same fabric for Serena, but I remembered she always talked about eventually getting me to make her a yellow and black quilt. When Taxi was released earlier this year I knew she would love it. I bought a fat quarter bundle and found the pattern and got to work. However, the pattern required using templates, and all that pinning and cutting was getting to me. I put the project aside for awhile, and a few weeks ago I knew that I was never going to be able to live with myself if I didn't get it done. So I buckled down and finished year later. When I messaged her on facebook and told her it was finished she said, "good because I need you to make some new placemats for me!"


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