Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Dog Gone Cute QAL Blog Hop

Hello everyone!! Today is my day to share what I made for the Dog Gone Cute QAL. Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts designed this darling pattern and I just happened to have a dog lovin' little boy that needed a new quilt! Lorna's pattern has a ton of different options for the blocks--2 sizes, and dogs with ears up and down, one eye patch, two eye patches or none. It's a pretty amazing pattern!

The boy you see pictured above with cute smile is Ryan. He is my most difficult customer. He has a very directive style when he wants something, and especially when it comes to quilts. And especially when it came to this quilt. I started making the 18" blocks at first, and then things were getting a little out-of-hand--

"No mom, that's not the right blue".

"Mom, I wanted him to have one green ear, and one orange ear".

"That block should have been gray with a blue dog, and the other block should have been blue with a rainbow christmas tree fabric dog with vampire teeth."

While I suffered through the insanity of his choices I did make myself one little dog block in Hello Darling Fabric to soothe my desperate desire to make something girly (and a little less radical)...

So then, after a few crazy blocks Ryan decided he wanted a BIG DOG.  I was secretly thankful! Don't get me wrong; I have no problem making a dog quilt with cowboys, trucks, and Christmas tree fabric, but there's a point when you just got to question his sense of style;)

So I enlarged the pattern to make a big dog quilt. I got Ryan to compromise on colors (score!) and I chose a very manly plaid flannel for the backing. I basted it and started quilting it, but it was the first time I've ever used flannel and there were...complications. The plaid kept bunching up in the back, so I unpicked it and am attempting it a second time.

When I was trying to take a photo of the quilt top, the dogs (Sugar (the golden retriever), and Pepper (the boxer)) actually just barreled through the neighbors yard where the fence was being painted, got paint all over them, and then tried to jump up and eat the quilt. So, we managed to save the quilt, keep the dogs still for a few minutes (before Sugar wandered off--see below), and made a little boy happy:) That's a win in my book!

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