Sunday, 11 May 2014

Color Discrimination

Lately I've had the sewing blahs. I just can't seem to drudge up the motivation to sew and it's taken me a few weeks to figure out why. I realized it was Color. That's my problem. I am a color snob, and I've pigeon-holed myself within the limits of a very constrained color palette. And I'm ready to break-out, get re-inspired and back on track again.

Over the last week I've been reading the new issue of Love Patchwork and Quilting and I came across a small segment where they mentioned a website where you can upload a picture, and build your own color palettes--the website is called Play-Crafts. I thought I'd give it a shot.

So first I went to Pinterest and saved a copy of some of my favorite pics that weren't normally in colors that I would choose (to make a quilt with), and uploaded it to play-crafts. And then I finally started to feel inspired again.  When you upload your pic, you can move the little color sensor dots around to the sections you want to focus your palette around, and it gives you the Kona colors you need to create that palette! Isn't this the coolest thing since the internet was invented??!!

I'm so excited about this right now. Am I the last one to know about this??

Anyway, so another one of my big problems with choosing colors is there are certain ones that I will instantly rule out because, for some reason, they don't give me the warm-and-fuzzies. They look great when other people use them and I started asking myself "Why can't I use these colors? Am I so limited in my view that I discriminate fabric based on color? Do I want to be a person that can't figure out how to make a color work for me?" Well, I decided that "no" I do not want to be a person that can't use a certain color--I want to have an entire rainbow available for my use. So I searched on pinterest the two colors that are my nemesis--Orange and Purple.

I don't know why orange has always bothered me. It's bright, it's happy, and it's found everywhere in my favorite parts of nature. But when it comes to putting an orange cushion on my couch I just have never been able to do it. 

So I found this picture that I LOVE and created the palette. 

Is this not the prettiest thing you've ever seen! This makes me crazy about orange. I want to run through an orange grove, and eat an orange creamsicle, and I can even picture myself on a boat on a river, with tangerine trees and marmalade skies:)

So, I like orange. Can I comfortably say that? Yes, I think I love it!

But I still had one last color obstacle to climb over. Purple. I started disliking this color back in high school, when my sister decided she wanted everything to be purple. Everything she had was purple--her bedding, her walls, and even the molding was painted terrible Barney (the dinosaur) color. Ugh. It was hard to stomach. So, again I searched on Pinterest, and had a harder time picking out things I liked, but then I searched "purple bouquets" and found lots of pics that drew me in.

I found that I really love purple if added with shades of bright pink, blue and green. Purple might never be my centerpiece color but I'm sure that now I've found a way to love it.

Are there any colors that you discriminate against? 

Anyway, if there are (or there aren't), if you're bored, suffering from the blahs, looking for some new inspiration and have some extra time between blogs, Pinterest, and Instagram, then you should really check out Play-Crafts. They are not sponsoring this post, but I can't recommend the site enough. Now my problem is going to be trying to get off the site so I can get back to my sewing machine;) 


  1. I totally know this problem! The shades I have a problem with are anything between orange and red. My mother and Paul love them, but anything towards rust just turns me off. The other one I'm interested in overcoming soon is using black! Looking forward to seeing what comes out of your new found inspirations :)

  2. I hear you ... I've just joined a bee (for the first time) and the second block I have to make has the colours red, blue and .... purple! I have seen this tool and love what it can do. How do I shop for the specific Kona colour though?

  3. I have trouble with neutrals. At least when it comes to quilting. I made one awhile back and it took some time to figure out why I was so unexcited about the quilt. Play-crafts looks like fun. Maybe if I added a couple other colors to the quilt... Thanks for the post!

  4. Wow! That's incredible and perfect timing too - I fell in love with a pattern using 6 solid colours and worried I'd never figure out which ones. Now I have whipped up a few palettes and have loads of options :)

  5. Great post Cristina! Finding a way to use those colors we don't like is a huge step. They don't have to be front and center/in your've found a great way to incorporate color! There aren't a lot of colors I *don't* like (except brown...and various brown-y shades. Oddly, though, I do love brownies...but I digress lol)

    Gotta say, I *love* Anne's palette builder! She has a cool series on her blog, too, with quilt design a day, based on design seed photos. You might be interested in that as well. (full disclosure: I know Anne, she's awesome and super inspiring. She's a color goddess!)

    I love that you've found a way to make colors you don't like, into colors that are *you* -- colors that expand your palette without overwhelming it. Fantastic!

  6. Nature does everything best and so naturally. Great that a program then organises it into an easy selection palate

  7. This looks like fun! I'll head right over and have a look.

  8. I know this sounds so silly, but I have a problem with orange and purple too. I really like orange but I can't buy anything orange and would certainly never put orange anywhere in my house. So I know how you feel. And purple, never! I have a blog that I share with my sister and sister-in-law. My sister-in-law loves purple. I wanted to make her a cute little pouch for her birthday, in purple. I DO NOT have one single scrap in purple.

  9. This website looks like so much fun! I had no idea it even existed... I just visited and found a great photoshop tutorial, now I'm going back to check out the color palette part... thanks for sharing!!

  10. How is it you come to the rescue yet again? Seriously, you are Iron-quilt-girl!

    You are not the last person to know about this site. I'm so going to spend way too many hours over there. Thanks ever so!

    As for colors I discriminate against, I'm not a fan of gray. Emerald green. Burgundy. Those prom dress colors of my high school years basically. Don't like mustard yellow, or pea green. Don't want to try. But I do need to branch out and try some different color combinations. I will play and let you know.

  11. Play Crafts always has wonderful posts about color and such things. Very helpful! I love your fabric choices and don't feel you need to change a thing! But, as you know, I'm your biggest fan, so you can't make an unattractive quilt in my eyes..hee hee. I would however, love to see an orange quilt. I love orange! ;)

    1. And I dislike purple too. I was less than thrilled with the color of the year!

  12. Hello, thank you for sharing the link and your palettes.
    I think with your "orange" palette, you shouldn't discard the white that features prominently in the picture (the plate in the foreground).


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